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the recession hit aoba p hard

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A kagune is composed of Rc cells, which flow just like blood, can become as solid as teeth and can be described as “liquid muscles”. A kagune can be repeatedly hardened and softened at will by the ghoul.
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The Kingdom is a visually stunning series by world-renowned graphic designer, photographer, and producer Seb Janiak. The images focus on massive accumulations of clouds in the sky, visually portraying the power of nature as it swirls overhead in the turbulent skies. He focuses on nature and its mysterious forces to create each breathtaking scene. The transforming clouds reveal the changing light throughout a full day, moving from bright daylight to the shadows of moonlight that reveal twinkling clusters of stars. 

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Translation of Moon Pride full version

Because we only have the MV to go by, lyrics are purely by ear…but not like Revo is attempting anything particularly mystifying with this one aside from potential alternate readings.

Moon pride
I want to be your strength
Teardrops trail down my cheeks, my eyes burn a vivid red
With the intensity of thunder, someone is calling out love
No matter what kind of darkness we find ourselves in, we’re never alone
Oh, moonlight that shines upon us
Ah, a girl has her pride to maintain
That is - the willingness to fight
Without leaving her fate in the hands of prince charming
Shiny Make-up, I will shine, gathering starry skies
I am not a weak being to be protected
Swayed by the waves of sadness, burnt by the flames of anger
Even then, we will swear eternal love with the brilliance of thunder
Though we are torn far apart now, we’re never alone
Oh, moonlight that brings us together
Ah, a girl has her peerless weapon
A gaze that is no stranger to weakness
And the strength to take on everything
Shiny Make-up, I will sparkle in the starry sky’s embrace
Bonds across time and space will give me courage
I miss you so much, it’s painful, driving me to tears
I want to meet you, it’s lonely, I could feel the thumping in my heart
No matter how many times I’m reborn in this vast universe
I will fall in love with you
Shiny Make-up, I will fly beyond the starry skies
Even in a world overrun with sin, I can still believe in the future
So Shiny Make-up, I shall fight, cloaked in starry skies
A new legend begins right here

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
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トーキョーグール:Volume Covers 1-12.

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Psycho Pass Re:Start - Makishima's New Monologue 


{ fields of gold }

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Italy + Water  x

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