K Missing Kings 100DaysxVisuals (90~81) translation

Once again, spoilers for the entire K anime.


Those eyes of omniscience are tinged with sadness.
The future does not always yield happiness.
Sometimes it brings tears.
Sometimes it delivers pain and suffering
To those we treasure.

Yet still he smiled.
Believing that one day
They will be able to overcome their destiny.

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sakura (by amberyu)

Posted on Apr 22

Glacial River Lagoon (Jökulsárlón, Iceland)

Posted on Apr 22
Posted on Apr 22


the full set! I’m kind of happy with it but I’m more happy that I finally managed to produce a matching complete set


So is Hinata chunin tier garbage now?

But can Itachi genjutsu Hinata’s ahoge?

Posted on Apr 21

Kotobukiya’s Komaeda figure revealed.

Preorders for Kotobukiya’s Hinata Hajime figure have begun.

The figure will be released sometime in September, priced at 8640yen. Orders made through Kotobukiya’s site will come with an extra face part.